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I Am A Woman Who Wonders………….

What are these times trying to teach us I wonder? Is it to take better care of ourselves and spend more time being creative and connecting with things that feed our soul?

My personal journey began a couple of decades ago, when I began my counselling training. I had no idea of how this would change my life. But change it, it did. My journey of personal discovery began and there is no going back.

So this website is a work in progress, as I take time to reflect on the things that have helped me on this journey. I will share with you the books that challenged and changed me, the people and places that have inspired me and the things that have just made me smile. How I have embraced my Menopause which has been challenging, yet the universe has brought me new people into my life to begin the next stage of my journey. For which I am truly ‘Grateful’. 


So Take Some Time Out to Wonder……..

Join me and take time to wonder at this beautiful life, its up’s and downs and the lessons that it brings. 

Here are some prompts to begin your own musings

  • What does self care mean to you?
  • Do you love yourself or does that need work?
  • If money was no object what would you do?
  • Do you live with purpose or just let it flow?
  • What do you love to do for fun and do you do enough of it
  • What or who do you believe in and who believes in you?
  • If you had a year to live what would you do?

I hope this inspires you to go ‘deep’. When you scratch the surface you start to see what is underneath and see what buried deep.  My blog and website has some of the things that have helped me to go from ‘wondering’ to ‘awakening’ to ‘action and making changes’. Some have worked out and some haven’t. Thats life!

Happy Wondering





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