Turn Off Autopilot

Have you ever felt like life is passing you by and you are living on autopilot?

Do you have a tendency to say yes to everyone and forget about yourself?

You have? Well welcome to Soultimes where it is my mission to show you the benefits of taking time out for yourself. I invite you to learn to put yourself first in this ever changing life that pulls you to do!

I want you to put down your tools, sit, be and listen to the call of your heart and soul. Connect with your dreams and see where they take you.

I want you to make space for the most important person on the planet, ‘YOU’But what about all the people in my life who need me? I hear you say. As you love and care for yourself you will have more energy for the people who need you and the strength to lose the people who drain you and are all about the taking.

Stop Opt out Unfurl and Love yourself

I believe that to have balance in your life there are six keys areas that need your love, time and attention;

  • YouTime– Doing things that help you to rest, relax, move and listen to the quiet still voice that know what’s best for you.
  • SoulTime– Connecting with your Self, Spirit, Soul or the universe, which ever name resonates with you where you connect to the universe.
  • ConnectTime– This is time to connect with others, sharing stories and enjoying your time together.
  • GrowTime  –  Time to learn more about yourself, the world and widen your knowledge.
  • NatureTime  This planet provides healing space for you to connect with and its free. This is also the time when it needs our help to look after it and treat it with love and respect.
  • FunTime – Time to do things just for the fun of it.

This website like myself is in a new phase of growth so is a work in progress. I believe the universe will direct you to the information you need to help you to love yourself and follow your heart.

I hope you find what you are looking for and watch out for my latest blog. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Love and Light





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