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I Am A Woman Who Wonders………….

Have you ever felt like life is passing you by and wondered what would life be like if I had more time for me to wonder about my life and reflect on how I can change it? 

You have? Me too. Life has changed for me now I take time out to wonder. Welcome to Soultimes where it is my mission to show you the benefits of taking time out to wonder for yourself. I invite you to learn to put yourself first in this ever changing life that pulls you to do!

I want you to put down your tools, sit, be and listen to the call of your heart and soul. Connect with your dreams and see where they take you. 

I want you to make space for the most important person on the planet, ‘YOU’But what about all the people in my life who need me? I hear you say. As you love and care for yourself you will have more energy for the people who need you and the strength to lose the people who drain you and are all about the taking.

So Take Some Time Out to Wonder……..

Here are some questions you could take some time to wonder about. What would life be like if;

  • Everyday I got up and looked forward to my day?
  • I lived my life mindfully rather than ‘mindlessly’?
  • I could step out of the modern day culture of being ‘busy’
  • I could ‘let go’ of all my worries?
  • Stop worrying about what others think about me and live life how I want to live it?
  • I could let go of control and let my ‘Soul’ direct my life instead of trying to control everything?
  • I had more time for myself to do things that make me happy?
  • Life was simple?
  • I could stop ‘numbing’ my life with my addictions (shopping, smoking, drinking, eating, gaming etc.) and deal with my feelings
  • I saw all the ‘good’ things in my life that make me happy rather than focus on the ‘bad’ things

I am sure you can add some more of your own to the list! My blog and website has some of the things that have helped me to go from ‘wondering’ to ‘awakening’ to ‘action and making changes’. Some have worked out and some haven’t. Thats life!

Happy Wondering





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