2lbs off and 2st 5lbs to go!!

Yes the scales are back! The mindful eating is going well and I am starting to see the results. I know last week I was never going to use them again, but actually I felt lost with no goal to aim for and nothing to measure my success by. So weigh in day is a Friday and I will let you know how that is going, is all goes quiet you will know there is a gain!! So below is a picture of me and my mate taken at Christmas in Tenerife and I am about the same weight now … Continue reading 2lbs off and 2st 5lbs to go!!

Does Mindfulness make you healthier?

Mindfulness has come into the limelight with Olympians like America’s Deena Kaster mentioning the importance of it to keep their focus, business gurus such as the late Steve Jobs proclaiming the importance for creativity and movements such as Action for Happiness in the UK showcasing how mindfulness can help you to feel happier. Taking action mindfully How many times have you gone in the shower and just focused on the act of washing and the feeling of the water on your skin? Stop next time and ask yourself are you mentally preparing your to do list, shopping, planning your weekend … Continue reading Does Mindfulness make you healthier?

The Scales are calling!!

This week I have ‘banished the scales forever ‘to a dusty place at the back of the sink, only to come out to weigh the suitcase or Chris!  The only time I have consciously banned the scales is when I am going on holiday or Christmas. ” Right I am going to have what I like when I like, its a treat! ” Then I return from holiday or Christmas is over and I hide from the scales for a week , until I feel like I have been good for a week or two and it won’t be too … Continue reading The Scales are calling!!

My latest challenge to eat mindfully!

Well after years of trying every diet known to womankind I have decided to put my mindfulness practice to my eating habits . Now i don’t know about you but I have been low carb, high carb , low fat , Slimming World, 5 2 to name a few for most of my life on and off. So now I feel like I have lost any sense of what is or isn’t healthy eating. So first step was to get myself ‘Savour’ a mindfulness book written by Thich Nhat Hanh and Lilian Wai – Yin Cheung. I listened to it … Continue reading My latest challenge to eat mindfully!