Beltane Blues

Beltane Fire

Reading Time: 4 minutes There was a time when Sarah would have been leaping the fires at Beltane, with the young ones, but not today! Everything felt heavy and a bit too much effort. She pondered, ‘How did I get to this point. My forties slipped by seeing the kids leave home, have children of their own and before […]

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Going To Tell You A Story

Reading Time: 4 minutes So one of my intentions for this year was to do more ‘Creative writing’ and be brave enough to put them out there. So here is a story that has been sitting in a drawer, since it was written sunny afternoon in Barga in Tuscany. It needed some attention, so I have given it some […]

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Keep It Simple Slimmer

Reading Time: 5 minutes So did you make 2017 the year you would lose the weight and get slimmer? Have you fallen down already and wondering how everyone else seems to do it but you? There are lots of reasons why people put on weight and not knowing what is the right thing to eat it is not one […]

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