I have practised meditation for the last 20 years and run
a meditation group for the majority of that but in all that
time ‘being disciplined and meditating daily’ has been a bit
hit and miss until now. It all started one cold frosty morning
late November 2014, as I drove up the M4 listening to Ruby Wax
reading her book, Sane New World, light bulb moments,’ I have
felt like that, oh its not just me’ and ‘ I want to know more
about this mindfulness.

When I looked a little deeper I realised that I had dipped my
toe into mindfulness as Buddhism had always interested me but
scared the life out of me as it seemed so disciplined. Ahaha
moment so thats the ‘ fear’ lets deal with it! So the journey
began, I started reading books on Mindfulness, downloaded a
couple of apps and started to practice as often as I could.

I practice my mindfulness daily and as my practice deepens so does the peace and harmony in my life

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