1st May Beltane

I always get excited about Beltane, as this for me marks the start of the warmer weather and calls me to get outside in nature. The trees start to rustle as they regain their leaves and the blossom fills me with its sweet heady scent. The days are lengthening and I feel my energy increasing as the rays of the sun warm my bones. This year it is taking bit longer to get going and has been pretty grey and dull but I am holding onto the fact that the sun is returning.

Festival of Fire

Beltane is celebrated by gathering with loved ones around a fire, celebrating the new life. In ancient times people stayed up all night jumping the fires and celebrating the start of the summer. It was a night when greenwood marriages would take place and the couples would spend the nights in the woods. 

It is a time to gather with loved ones and the community and feast. 


Time For You To Connect

This is the time of the year where we start to put our ideas into action. Spend some time reflecting on your intention for the year. Ask yourself;

  • What lights your fire?
  • If you only had a year on this beautiful earth, what would you definitely do?
  • How can you connect with the energy of Beltane?
  • What can you let go of to make space to live life passionately?

Remember life is for savouring and although it is great to have set intentions for the year, take time to enjoy the journey. Who wants to reach the top of the mountain and wonder how did I get here?