Does Mindfulness make you healthier?

Mindfulness has come into the limelight with Olympians like America’s Deena Kaster mentioning the importance of it to keep their focus, business gurus such as the late Steve Jobs proclaiming the importance for creativity and movements such as Action for Happiness in the UK showcasing how mindfulness can help you to feel happier. Taking action mindfully How many times have you gone in the shower and just focused on the act of washing and the feeling of the water on your skin? Stop next time and ask yourself are you mentally preparing your to do list, shopping, planning your weekend … Continue reading Does Mindfulness make you healthier?

I have practised meditation for the last 20 years and run a meditation group for the majority of that but in all that time ‘being disciplined and meditating daily’ has been a bit hit and miss until now. It all started one cold frosty morning late November 2014, as I drove up the M4 listening to Ruby Wax reading her book, Sane New World, light bulb moments,’ I have felt like that, oh its not just me’ and ‘ I want to know more about this mindfulness. When I looked a little deeper I realised that I had dipped my … Continue reading