Time to Clear the Mind

Reading Time: 4 minutes Clear Thinking January for me, is normally the time of year that I start to clear the clutter in my house in preparation for the year ahead. This year my house is in total disarray, as we are having to replace some stairs which didn’t meet building regs. My partner, when he put them in […]

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Vision Board Time

Vision board

Reading Time: 2 minutes So you have set your intentions for 2018, now it is time to create a Vision Board What is a Vision Board? A vision board is a board that contains images or words that represent your vision of what you want to achieve for the year. For example if you want to move house next […]

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Taking Back Time


Reading Time: 4 minutes Do you have the luxury of lots of time or does time seem to run away with you? Would you like to feel like you have a Work and Life Balance? The age of technology promised us all that we would have more time to pursue leisure activities. In reality what it has meant for […]

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Spring is here!

Spring blossom

Reading Time: 3 minutes WELCOME TO SPRING. I am a little late this week getting my blog up, as I have been moving my website. I went on a social media course the other week and found out that I didn’t own my content on wordpress.com, so I have moved my site to 1&1. Been more challenging than I […]

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