Change4Life Sugar Smart


I have been trying out the Change for Life Sugar Smart app to see how user friendly it is. The Sugar Smart app is designed to help you to see how much total sugar is in your everyday food and drink. The app is designed to show quickly and easily how much total sugar is in the things you’re buying, eating and drinking, to help you spot it more easily so you can make healthier choices and cut your sugar intake.

So is it in reality. I have found the app is easy to use and scan the items in but have found that a lot of items which I would have expected to be on there weren’t, such as Haribo sweets which are really popular with children weren’t on there. In fact I spent a good 20 minutes in the local shops scanning foods and found a lot of items missing but they are constantly adding foods to the list

I did find it shocking to find out how we think some things are healthy and they are no healthier than a Mars bar. I scanned a Kellogg’s Chocolate Crunch Bar which I thought would be a healthy choice but it has 5.5 sugar cubes of sugar but a Twix had 4.

So how many do you think are in the products below?

Without us realising it, we’re all eating and drinking too much sugar: Below are the number of cubes in a selection of items 


Sugar smart app
Sugar smart app

Heinz Salad Cream – 18.1 per bottle
Dolmio Lasagne sauce – 8.3 per jar
Branston Pickle – 21.6 per jar
Tomato soup – 5 per jar
Stute Diabetic jam – 4.8 per jar
Innocent smoothie – 7 per bottle
Touch of fruit water 1 and ½ litre – 16 in a bottle 


Sue from my local Londis said ‘ Shall we check out the diabetic jam’ , which clearly states it has No added sugar on the front so we were shocked to find it had 4.8 cubes per jar and on the back it says that it is low in sugar. Very confusing messages!

So how much sugar should we be having on a daily basis?

• Children aged 4-6 years shouldn’t have more 5 cubes
• Children aged 7-10 years shouldn’t have more 6 cubes
• From 11 years and up shouldn’t have more than 7 cubes

So not much!

The Smart Sugar app certainly makes it easier to see how much sugar is in each product and I tried it out with the children and they found it easy to use and were shocked by the sugar content. Whether that will help to convince them to give up their Haribo is quite a different matter. Let’s start scanning and let me know if it has made a difference to you.

If you would like to know more about the Sugar Smart app go to Change4Life