‘Davina my three 30 minute workouts’ review

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Davina my three 30 minute workouts 

I love Davina and really enjoy working out at home so thought I would give ‘Davina my thirty minute workout’ a go. This DVD is divided into three 30 minute sections, which have the warm up and cool down built in. The three sections are

  • Pump – which really works the muscles and includes 1 minute interval training sessions
  • Cardio Box – which combines fat burning exercises with boxing
  • Core Stability – which is about poise, posture and balance

Davina is working out with her personal trainers Mark and Jackie, who are really down to earth and likeable. It is  fun to watch the  banter they all have with each other.

my three 30 minute workout

Whats it like to do?

This DVD is challenging, however there are options and you don’t feel pressured into doing it all. The reason I started doing this DVD was to see if I could find an exercise plan that would help my back by strengthening my legs and lower back. The first two sections work for me , however the core section I find does not. So I don’t do that section

The core section is very slow and controlled and needs lots of practice, just not my cup of tea. The fact that I am doing it laid on the floor looking over a bed to see the screen does not help either.

What do I think of this DVD?

Overall I love ‘my three minute workout’, I am a big fan of Davina so that definitely helps. By the end of the 30 minutes I am feeling like I have worked and have  rosy glow. I feel like I have achieved something and my serotonin levels have definitely gone up. I especially like the boxing session as it makes me feel quite strong, in reality as my nan would say ” I can’t knock the skin off a rice pudding”, but who cares.

You can find ‘Davina my three 30 minute workout’ on Amazon and get to delivered to your door, which is handy. I got my copy from a car boot for a pound so right result.