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Your Day Your Way – The importance of Routine and Self Care!

So here we are, all staying at home and isolating to support our NHS and help to keep our friends and families safe and well. For some of us who suffer from constant or reoccurring mental health issues, this can be a tough time, especially if you are living alone. If you are a parent then your routine will be around the children, however there is still an opportunity to build some time in for you to help your mental health. Building a self care routine is one of the key things you can do to help you stay mentally well.

According to Mind ‘Self-care and routine will mean different things to different people. Finding the balance that’s right for you is what’s important’. Routine, at times like this when there is no reason to get up or get out, can be a life saver. I invite you to have a think about what you need to put into your routine to help you to stay mentally well?

What things in the list, do you need in your routine on a daily basis to stay mentally positive;

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Journalling
  • Fresh air
  • Talking to someone
  • Healthy food
  • Shower or bath
  • Gratitude diary
  • Something creative to do
  • Learn something new online

Building a Routine 

Think about a routine that would build those things into your day e.g

7am Get up and wake up

7.30 am Exercise on You Tube / Exercise DVD/ Dance like no one is watching

8.00 am Meditation/ Reading/ Journal

8.30am Shower and dressed

9am Household chores / log onto work/ call a friend / learn a new skill

1pm Lunchtime walk

1.30pm Lunch

2pm Afternoon chores / read a book/ watch TV/ go back to work/ start a creative project

5pm Exercise/ Go in the garden/call a friend

5.30pm Get dinner ready and eat

7pm Chill time / call a friend/ Watch TV / Gardening / Creative project

So, get yourself a pen and paper and start to plan your day. If you like being creative, you could cut some pictures out of magazines and create a vision board showing how you would like your day to look and feel. Its your day, your way.

Websites for further info 

You can find more info on theses websites

Keep safe and well 


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