‘I accept that I am fully supported by the universe’

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Over the years I have fought to be an ‘INDEPENDENT STRONG WOMAN’. Magazines are full of images of ‘independent women’, such as Oprah, Beyonce and Adele doing it for themselves, which is great! We need more positive role models for women, but are they setting us ‘mere mortals’ up to fail , when we have such a high standard to reach. What you may or may not have noticed is that they all with strong men too, so there is a balance, but I digress.

What I noticed in myself is that once I became single, over 40 (at that time), living independently the driver to look after myself and become independent, really came to the surface. Of course it had to, as I was on my own and after twenty plus years of marriage, it was a shock! I thought I would be married forever, as many women of my generation did and do! It doesn’t matter whether you chose to leave, they did or it is a joint decision, the fairytale has ended. I blame Disney and Barbie for setting me up to believe in ‘HAPPY ENDINGS’ I should have read more Brother Grimm.

The downside for women, like me who become fiercely independent , is that they don’t ask for help from their friends, family or the universe. They can become driven and so ‘FEARFUL OF NOT BEING ABLE TO KEEP THEMSELVES’ that they lose ‘connection with their soul’.flower-eye-1150527

I recognise that my driver was ‘FEAR’, that if I didn’t look after myself, nobody else would’. The solution is ‘TRUST’ and ‘ ASK AND IT WILL BE GIVEN’, which for me is one of my life lessons that is always a work in progress. I am getting better at it and have been asking the universe for what I want and it is appearing. Admittedly my wants are on a small scale, but I have lots of evidence to prove that it works. Though I did get a big win when I asked for my partner to come into my life, but thats another story and not a fairy story as it has a happy ending but is still challenging!

Only this week I asked in my meditation for some new information and guidance on my next step, I felt a bit stagnant and needed some new information to inspire and help me to go up a level. Out of the blue a friend I had not seen in a while sent me a text and we met up for coffee. While we were chatting she told me about new books and people she had come across which I might like to check out. As we were talking I could feel the excitement and the flame beginning to reignite.

I checked them all out and feel like the ‘answer has been given’, ‘THANK YOU UNIVERSE AND JO’. I think I will change my being ‘independent’, which promotes doing it on your own to ‘taking responsibility’, which has a different feel to it altogether.

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY’ for my life for me, means that I keep ‘LEARNING and GROWING’ and know when I have got it wrong and even if that’s tough to ‘ACCEPT, I keep ‘EVOLVING’. 

From time to time  for all of us, ‘ INDEPENDENT WOMAN’ will get in the driving seat, so how do we recognise when that happens? To notice when we are being take over and ‘ are in the world’, the first step we need to take is to ‘STOP, SIT, BE, MEDITATE, EXERCISE, GET IN NATURE’, whichever of these work for you.

I promote meditation and mindfulness but that doesn’t work for everyone, but you will know what helps you to connect to ‘ THAT STILL QUIET INTUITIVE VOICE’, that knows what’s best for you. Slowing down and having time every day is the key to connecting with your Soul and living a life in the now.


Have a fabulous week and I invite you to take half an hour a day just for you. You know ‘YOUR WORTH IT’.



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