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Imbolc Meditation

Imbolc Meditation

This meditation will help you to approach Imbolc with a clear mind and a vision of where you want to be. Find a comfortable place to be, turn off the phone and give yourself as long as you need. Light a candle Embolic candleto signify the fire. Gently close your eyes and surround yourself in a ball of light. Feel the light penetrate deep into you bones and feel the love that the universe has for you.

Imagine the light travelling from your feet going deep into the earth rooting you in Mother Earth. Imagine a column of light coming from the top of your head through your crown chakra going out to the universe. Feel yourself connected with Earth and the universe and bathe in the light.

Now take yourself in your imagination to a place in nature that you love. Get a sense of the energy of the light returning to the earth as you watch the sun rise in this magical place. You see a path appear and as you look in the distance you get a sense of where you are heading in this year.

As you walk the path you notice things appearing in your path that may be obstacles, they may be people, things or objects which are symbolic of a feeling you have. Notice how you feel and listen to your
intuitive self, who knows what needs to be done to clear the path.

Gently bring yourself back into the room staying in the light and record your thoughts and feelings in your journal. Just let whatever comes flow out of you, without judgement, just let it be.

Now in this enlightened state you can start to see what needs to be done. Think about who you will need to help you or if it is something you can do on your own. When all thoughts have been explored and you are clear then, gently close your eyes again and see the path in your minds eye, being cleared. How doesthat feel for you? When you let things go sometimes initially it can be quite scary, if it is just feel the fear, be with it and send it light.

When you feel ready you can come back to the room. See a band of gold light go under your left foot up and over your head and then down under your right foot. See the light expand until you are standing in a beautiful ball of golden light. Gently come back to the room.

You are now ready to embrace the energy of Imbolc and clear the clutter of mind, body and spirit.