Intentions for 2017

So for 2017 I am setting Intentions rather than resolutions. When I have set resolutions in the past, I have a fixed vision of what is going to happen and measure my success when I do or don’t do it! By setting intentions for the year, I know where the destination is but I am not set on how I am going to get there and it can change if I feel like I am going in the wrong direction.
Last year one of my resolutions was to complete my Mindfulness Training. Well I did travel that road for a while but realised that actually I didn’t want to become a teacher. I wanted to practice my mindfulness and meditation just for me. I let go of my personal mantra of ” Everything has to have a purpose and earn money!” So have let that one go, so technically I have not achieved my resolution, but my lesson from the journey has been life changing.


When I look back over 2016 , it has been a great year, where I have learnt new things, completed my journalism and mindfulness courses, set up my website and started my blog. I have stopped running around trying to set up a business and just focusing on writing for fun and having more time with my family, friends and myself. I have discovered ‘Meet up’, I have joined a couple of groups, met new people and helped to get me out walking in the beautiful hidden spots in Berkshire.

So this year I am setting intentions and seeing where they take me. So they are;

  • to connect with the seasons and get back in touch with my Celtic Wheel of Life
  • to read just for the fun of it
  • to get more creative and widen my writing repertoire
  • to get outdoors and discover the hidden gems of our Royal county
  • to spend more time with Chris, the family and friends doing interesting things
  • to find a way of eating that makes me feel healthy from the inside and helps me to transform the outside
  • to find creative ways to fit in re exercise into my daily routine
  • and finally to step away from social media and TV and use the time to do all of the above……


If you have set a resolution think about what your intention is and whether you have a rigid vision of how

you are going to achieve it or are you open to the new possibilities that the universe might send you. As I trust the universe and keep my eyes and ears open , new things come to me which are more than I could dream up.

Happy New Year to you and embrace the journey 🙂

the journey
the journey



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