New Year Intentions

Intentions Time for 2018

Intention not Resolution Time 

So it is that time of year, when we all start to think of the New Year and our intentions. I use the word intentions, as for me resolutions are all about setting strict goals and planning, whereas intentions are put out to the universe and I stay open to the universe about how they are achieved.

Of course I still have a bit of a plan of how I am going to achieve them and take steps to get them done. I am not like the man on the roof of the house with the waters rising up to his ears going ‘ God why did you not save me’ and God replies ‘ I sent a boat, I sent a helicopter and you refused them all, I just didn’t come in person’.

Time to get out ‘The Desire Map’ 

My favourite way to reflect on the year past and develop my goals for the year ahead, is to curl up with Danielle La Porte’s book called ‘The Desire Map’. In this book she takes you through a process where you think about how you want to feel in the coming year and from there you create a plan of how you are going to achieve that. This can take several days, as you are encouraged to take time out to be with yourself.

That’s always a delicious, wonderful thing to do. I love to have a snuggle up pyjama day with my books spread on the bed, my coloured gel pens and a journal. Add delicious food, a cup of tea and nice music and we are ‘cooking on gas’. Lucky me ha been in Lanzarote over Christmas I have had the luxury of loads of me time. I have been pondering and dreaming about my 2018 while laying on a beach. This is what I have come up with. I want to feel;

  • Connected
  • Inspired
  • Nourished
  • Energetic
  • Fabulous

I only added ‘energetic’ in exchange for ‘content’, as I realized to do everything I need to do I will need to have lots of energy.If I achieve all it all I will feel content.

Time for a date with yourself

Now over to you. Take some time now to think not about what you want to achieve but how you want to feel? Book a date with yourself to be in the moment and take time to dream your 2018 and how you want to feel.Make a note of those feelings and see how they feel. Try to keep it to five or six so you leave space.

Then book another date with yourself and look at those feelings and start to think how you can make that happen.

So for me to feel connected I want to;

  • see more of my family and friends and have more social time
  • to feel connected to the universe by meditating
  • remember to pick up the phone
  • limit social media time
  • make time to blog once a week

This is a really quick guide to the desire map process, better still treat yourself to ‘The Divine Map’, if you think like me, it fits with you. I have had the book for two years and go back to it at least twice a year. I take time out to reflect on where I am and if there are changes that I need to make.

So remember you don’t have to rush to set your intentions for New Years Day. Take your time and look out for my blog next week on how to create a Vision Board.

I hope 2018 is a Happy New Year for you


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