Keep It Simple Sweetheart

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Keep It Simple and Soulful

This has been a challenging year for me and those near and dear to me. My ‘SOUL’ has taken quite a bashing this year and at times it has beenJUST TOO MUCH!‘ Every time I thought this year could not get any worse it has! But all the pain has made me reflect on my life and how I want to go forward.

Twenty years ago I would have been looking to retire in 4 years. I would probably have been working part time, mortgage paid or in council house looking forward to retiring. The reality is that I am still working full time, cos I have a mortgage to pay and a home to run.  I am trying to fit in time for my own health and wellbeing, see loved ones and have a bit of a social life as well! Sound familiar!

On top of that I am seeing and hearing daily that my loved ones, friends and colleagues have serious health conditions. I am seeing our care system breaking down which will affect any future care of our parents or us. I hear daily how people are struggling to cope and mental health issues are on the increase.

Social media is full of fake news and people are flinging their opinions about ‘willy nilly’ with no care or consideration for other people’s feelings. For me before I post a comment I stop to think ‘Would I say that to their face and is it an opinion or fact!’. I love social media and really enjoy using it to promote my blog, but it needs to be used less for ‘random acts of cruelty’ and more for ‘random acts of kindness’. 

Connect Back to Your Soul

I have spent the last few weeks questioning my values and beliefs and connecting back with my ‘SOUL’. I have realised that I want to slow my life down and reprioritise. I just have to keep my mind in check and ask myself ‘ am I living my values of treating people with kindness, loving unconditionally, being empathic and non judgemental?’ If I am not then how do I get back to that? We all get caught up in ‘stuff’ at times and are not our best selves but the trick is to recognise that and take steps to put that right. 

My First Step Is….

To slow down, put myself first, be in the moment and take each day as it comes. Of course there are always things that need to be done. But life has been teaching me lately that it is subject to change at a drop of a hat, so it is best to just go with the flow!

At the beginning of each day I will start with self care, journal and meditation. I know that this will help me to start the day mindfully and put me in the moment. Then the rest of the day after the ‘have to do’s’ such as going to work and chores, there is fitting in some exercise and planning healthy food. Then its  family, friends and fun. ‘Keep It Simple Sweetheart’ is my new motto.

All of the above of course is subject to good health and no more curve balls. There have been a few of them of late. Life has been throwing some real challenges but it has made me stop and connect back with my ‘soul’ and ask how do I stop being a “Human Doing and get back to a Human Being”I will keep you posted

Love and Light





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