Let The Magic of Samhain Begin

I love this time of year, it is truly magical. The colours this year are awesome, as nature  ‘let’s go’ and ‘goes inwards to recoup’ I am reminded to slow down and retreat in tune with the energy of Samhain. The fruits of all our labour in summer, have been harvested and the earth is now in need of rest and recoup. Time to feed the earth and prepare for the seeds that will be sown in the Spring.

Samhain is the time to let go of the old, hence the connection with death and prepare for the new. In Celtic traditions Samhain is the Celtic New Year. Autumn is all about letting go of the old and preparing for the new.


This year is no different and I have already started to release and let go of things from the past year and prepare the ground for the year ahead. This year I was drawn to pick up The Desire Map, by Danielle La Porte which gets you to think about setting your goals for the year according to the feelings you want to generate in your life rather than the goals. 

i want to create a life in which I feel connected, inspired, creative and playful. So now I know how I want to feel  according to Danielle, all I need to do is align my actions to how I want to feel.

I want to feel connected to my Soul and intuitively live my love in the flow. I also want to spend more time connecting with my loved ones and spending time with Wild women who inspire me.

To achieve this I will

– meditate DAILY to stay connected to my soul and live life intuitively

– say ‘No’ to people, just to please them when I could be spending time with my loved ones

– book weekly dates with the ‘wild women’ that make me laugh, cry and inspire me to keep on growing

Can you see how different this feels? If I had set goals I would have missed all of the things above. I might have said I was going to book time with the ‘ Wild women’ but would not have connected to how that feels. 


I have always hated ‘ goals and targets’ as they felt driven and I can drive myself enough doing, ratherthan being. They conjure up an image of smart suits, always looking to the goal rather than being in the moment and I always felt I fell short as I was happy bumbling along at my own pace.


I did train to be a life coach but just couldn’t sustain it as it just didn’t fit with me, I hate networking, that to me is hell and having to stick to targets seems to take all the fun out of it for me. Before anyone gets sniffy, I am not saying coaching is not great or some people , just not me! I respond better to a softer mentoring approach.


So over the next few weeks I will be updating my vision board based on how I want to feel in my life and create a life that ‘ I feel good’ nana Anna …. ‘ the way that I should! I invite you to join me in creating the life that makes you ‘feel good’ and fills your heart with………………

Happy Samhain

Blessed be 



4 thoughts on “Let The Magic of Samhain Begin

    1. Hi Sandra, the wild women are the women in my circle who are connected to their Goddess and the part of them that loves to be wild and untamed 🙂

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