Have you unlocked your creativity in lockdown?

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Have you unlocked your creativity in lockdown?

As lock down is easing, I wonder, will I be able to hold onto my delicious Saturdays, where I have had time to be creative. I have written, baked, planted, posted and decorated and savoured every moment. Now I go where the mood takes me and lose myself. I want to protect that time because I want to keep being creative. 

The clock has stopped ticking

One of the joys of the past few weeks has been that there is no plan or ticking clock telling me I have just 30 minutes to complete this task because I have nowhere to be but home! I can read, write, be in the garden, play with my website or just bake cake and be lost in time. It is my day to let my ‘creative self’ out and lose all track of time, doing what I love to do. 

I have joined online writing and coaching groups on Zoom and met some wonderful new people, who share my love of writing.

Let my Creative Self’ speak 

The ‘to do’ list has subsided and I have time to just be. I  let my ‘fanciful’ thoughts surface and just follow them. This week I fancied lounging in bed with coloured pens, paper and just write for the love of it, so I did. I took the time to play with words try new arrangements. I wanted to  bake Banana Bread and enjoying the sunshine in the garden, so I did.


What is your creative self calling you to do?

Have you found your ‘creative self’ during lockdown? What have you done where you just lose all track of time? As we come out of lockdown what is your ‘creative self’ calling you to do? What do you want to Stop, do less of, keep, do more of or start? 

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