Full Moon Meditation

In order to bring in something new, you need to let something go, to give space for new ventures. The time of the Full Moon is the perfect time ‘for letting go’. Here is a meditation to help you do this. So make some space for yourself, turn off your phone and visit the spiritual realms.


Surround yourself in golden light and feel it melt into you, filling your whole body and aura with golden light. Notice any places of tension in your body and let the light penetrate deep and breathe into the  tension. 

See a long sweeping oak staircase in front of you and start to climb the steps. Feel yourself getting lighter and lighter, as you travel upwards. At the top of the stairs there is a beautiful heavy carved oak door, which you push open. You find yourself in an open space on a clear, dark , star filled night. The moon is shining brightly in the sky and lights up the landscape. You are safe and protected here.

In the distance you see a woodland and feel drawn to it. The air is crisp and clear, you are wrapped in a cape, protecting you from the night air. As you near the grove you see women appear and you to follow them, until you reach a grove in the centre of the woods.

Tonight we celebrate the full moon, with women around the world. As you stand in the circle, feel your connection to them. The circle mirrors the full moon and your gaze is drawn upwards, soaking in the rays of the moon. Reflect on what you would like to let go off, allow an image to come to your mind to represent it and place that image in your heart.

Let the image leave your heart and see it float up into the rays of the moon until it has disappeared. Know that the moon will heal and transform it. Fill the empty space in your heart with golden light. Feel the love of the universe permeating from your heart to every cell in your body. Stand in the light and bathe in the love that the universe has for you.

Spend some time with the women in the circle, share food, drinks and wisdom. Notice if there is anyone you feel drawn to speak to in the circle and see what words of wisdom are there for you. When it feels right leave the grove and as you GO you are handed a gift. Notice the gift and how it might be symbolic to you.

Walk back to the oak door and come down the steps. Feel yourself getting heavier and heavier as you come back down to earth. When you step on the earth, see a band of gold light go under your left foot over the top of your head and under your right foot, until you are surrounded in a ball of golden light.