Meditation Time

Making Meditation and Mindfulness part of your daily routine?

Meditation and Mindfulness are now part of my daily routine. You will find as you grow your practice it will have a positive impact on your life. For me personally I find it keeps me grounded, stress free and connected. Don’t get me wrong there are days where it is a struggle to meditate for half an hour feels, as my mind is all over the place but it is worth persevering. 

How do I start?

What I advise all those new to meditation is to start small. Find 5 minutes a day to start with and build slowly. To help you with your practice there are a number of meditations for you to try for yourself and find what works for you.Have a go at the Smiling Meditation.

There are lots of Apps that you can get now on your devices to help you to develop a routine. I particularly like Insight Timer, there are thousands of different types of meditation to suit everyone. I also use Budhify and You Tube.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is meditation in action and you can practice this on a daily basis. Just become aware of when your mind is rushing off being active and just start to focus on the now. For example say you are driving in your car and you are thinking about work, stuff you need to do, just stop and bring yourself back to the car. Notice the smells in the car and how it feels to be sat there. What are the surroundings like? Are you driving in a city or through beautiful countryside. 

Take some time this week to just sit and be and enjoy the time to yourself.