Mindful Moments

Mindful Moments

If like me, you get times when life feels like an endless list of tasks and there is never enough time for you. Work and life can take up most of your day and you feel like a ‘hamster on a wheel’. Then now is the time to start to practice Mindful Moments.

Have you noticed how when you are on holiday, after a couple of days you begin to relax and become calmer? It is not that we cannot feel like this all the time, but it is because we have taken time out. The ticking clock of life no longer distracts us, telling us to be here and there. We have taken back time and become one with our own rhythms.

I invite you, just for today to take a moment or two, stop, close your eyes and just breathe. Breathe deeply into your belly and feel the oxygen pulsate through you. Let your shoulders drop and be in the moment.

The trick I find is to bring that back to everyday life. One way to do this is to take Mindful Moments in your day.

Mindful Moments 

  • As you wake up stretch and notice how your body feels
  • In the shower notice the feel of the water on your skin and feel it cleanse and refresh you
  • Take 5 to really enjoy that first cup of coffee or tea
  • As you travel to work notice the weather 
  • Before you switch on the computer at work take a moment to tune in to how you feel today
  • Take your lunch away from your desk and eat it mindfully
  • Get out in the fresh air and walk mindfully
  • Before you begin for the afternoon tune in again to how you feel
  • As the afternoon wears on, notice whether you are focused or distracted?
  • At the end of the day notice how you feel 
  • Notice your fellow travellers as you begin the journey home
  • Spend a moment tuning into your body and seeing what it needs for dinner
  • Prepare your food mindfully, notice the smell and texture of the food
  • If you are watching TV are you really watching it or are you distracted by other technology
  • At the end of the day stop and just be with you

There Is Always Time For You

There is always time for you. As you make time for you and practice mindfulness, you will find that your mind will start to calm down and you will feel happier with your life

Taking Time For You



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