My latest challenge to eat mindfully!

Well after years of trying every diet known to womankind I have decided to put my mindfulness practice to my eating habits . Now i don’t know about you but I have been low carb, high carb , low fat , Slimming World, 5 2 to name a few for most of my life on and off. So now I feel like I have lost any sense of what is or isn’t healthy eating.

So first step was to get myself ‘Savour’ a mindfulness book written by Thich Nhat Hanh and Lilian Wai – Yin Cheung. I listened to it on audible on my way to work but to be honest it lost me a bit. Two things put me off,  one was that it was narrated by an American monotone voice and secondly they were talking about questionnaires and meditations that of course I couldn’t see,  so not the best start.

So this week I decided to step back in time and buy an old fashioned book So I am now armed (not quite the right phrase for a Buddhist based book), with The Headspace Diet which is written by Andy Puddicombe from Headspace. So I have started to read it instead of let it gather dust on the shelf, which is always a good place to start!

The idea is to take yourself out of eating on autopilot, ditch the scales, learn to listen to your body and recognise the habits which thicken the waistline. Which seems a good place to start. So this week I have started to be more mindful about my eating. I am trying to ditch the dieting mindset and that is surprisingly difficult! Years and years of programming has meant I have totally have lost a sense of what is good to eat and what is not.

Last night I was feeling really ill and fed up and sat outside the Chinese for 5 minutes while I talked to myself. Did I really want a Chinese or was I just doing what I always do when I am fed up and feeling down? Well I decided I was actually going to go home and make myself BBQ Chicken, Sweet potato, spinach and swede,  which much to my surprise hit the spot. So coming off autopilot can be a little embarrassing as you sit chatting to yourself outside the Chinese but hopefully as I drop the dress sizes it will be worth it!

So I will let you know at the weekend how my week has gone!!


0 thoughts on “My latest challenge to eat mindfully!

  1. Interesting to read Tina. I too am wanting to shed some weight, but don’t seem able to stop eating sweet things…..I’m addicted, I know. Will be good to hear how you get on with that book.

  2. I am like you Tina I have done every diet I can think of and have finally thrown in the towel for now.
    You eat so healthily and your so good at refusing my chocolate cakes. Good thing Chris enjoys them. How is my Page 8 model doing?
    It will be good to follow your progress on your new endeavour.

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