No Matter How Slow I Went…

No matter how slow I went I was still overtaking someone on a sofa

So this morning I was debating what exercise to do today, to wear off some of the Christmas Day and holiday excess. There were a couple of things that would influence my decision, one was a cracked heel which meant that instead of walking, I have been hobbling all over the place and the other is a bit of an earache, which I think a dip in the pool had set off. So what was the alternative ‘ a bike’.

Now any of my friends will tell you ‘I hate cycling’ and that I have owned more bikes than I have ridden! So they will be in a state of shock right now.

Lulled into a romantic picture of Cycling

Well you know how it is when you are on your holidays, you see all these smiley people in lycra buzzing about and you think I will have a go at that. Which is exactly what happened to me, coupled by the fact that one of the guests was telling me how flat it is and how you can ride from Costa Teguise to Puerto del Carmen along the promenade. ‘You could do it in a day’, they said. Well I had no intention of being out all a day, a couple of hours I thought would do it.

Hi ho it’s off to Planet Bikes I go

So the lovely man at ‘Planet Bikes’, gave me a fab bike with a little basket for my handbag, instructions on how to get around the port and back onto the promenade, and set me off on my way with emergency numbers, just in case! Clearly he knew I was novice! The lack of lycra might have been a clue.

From Costa Teguise to Arrecliffe

Setting off along the promenade I began to feel like a pro, peddling away, watching the view and avoiding running anyone over. I was starting to think maybe I hadn’t given cycling a fair crack of the whip. That was till I hit the port, a few inclines and had lost my map of how to get around. A couple of things were a bit off-putting, like what side of the road did I need to be on and would the Spanish drivers give me a wide berth!

But I got over that and found my way back to the promenade in Arrecliffe and get back into the flow. I did resist the urge to cycle all the way to Carmen,  due partly to the muscles in my thighs going ‘ what the hell’ and partly due to the midday sun, which now meant I was looking like a tomato head.

So coffee break at a lovely little outside café along the harbour where the locals all sat playing dominoes and turned the bike back to head home.

The true facts about the journey!

So just want to clarify a couple of things

  • If a cyclist tells you its flat, its not there will be inclines which will hurt when you go up them. They have super toned muscles so only a mountain breaks them into a sweat
  • Holland is the only country that is truly flat
  • It will make your bum and thighs ache the first time you do it, but practice makes perfect.

Am I converted to cycling?

Yes if;

  • The sun is shining
  • There are not too many inclines
  • I don’t have to wear lycra
  • I can do it at my pace and for an hour or two
  • Have nice promenades to ride along and quiet country roads

Not on your nelly if;

  • Its chucking it down with rain
  • There are too many hills
  • I have to wear lycra unless it is for a very good cause
  • It is 10 miles a day
  • Have to ride on busy roads

So the jury is out, but now I would not flatly refuse to see it as an option which is movement and I will now have to stop taking the mickey out of my Cyclist Buddies.

Have a lovely Boxing Day


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