Retro Festival

Retro Festival – Newbury 

My hubby has a passion for classic cars and at this point in time has 1954 Moggie Minor that has been souped up with a V8 engine. So in the summer we pop off to car shows to show it off. Normally the best part for me is the socialising, as the sight of old car parts and the roar of a V8 really doesn’t float my boat. But ‘The Retro Festival’, did float my boat in more ways than one.

The Retro Festival takes place at Newbury Showground and runs over three days in August.  The festival transports you back to the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s with live music, dancing, great food and vintage fashion. I loved it. I had rocked up totally unprepared on the Friday, with no plans to dress up and just looking forward to the break from work, which had been pretty hectic.

Chris had other ideas, as soon as we had settled into our ‘ Fabulous Bell Tent’, I was marched off to the Vintage tent, where we met the fabulous ladies from Frocks in Swing Time’  who helped me pick the dress, petticoat and accessories from head to toe. The only thing I needed to find was shoes!

What was special for me about the whole experience was that I felt feminine and not conscious of my size. When you looked around the festival what you saw was that whatever your size, this style of dress seemed to suit everyone. 

I booked in to have my hair ‘ Victory rolled’ and couldn’t wait to dress up in my newly acquired outfit the next day. Morning came and I was up and excited about the day. Putting on the make up and really getting glammed up made me feel ‘fabulous’. I have always loved to get dressed up to go out,  but nowadays there are very few occasions that you can do that.

Often when I think about connecting to the Soul I automatically think of spiritual pursuits such as meditation. At Retro what I realised is that people connect to their Soul through selling goods that make that heart sing, displaying their cars, motorbikes or caravans for others to enjoy, singing, dancing, entertaining or just being there and loving the moment.

So remember ‘whatever it is that you do that you are passionate about, where time stands still and you would do it, whether you got paid or not is you connecting to your Soul’.

At Retro I met lots of people who were ‘doing what they love’. Their Souls shone brighter than any stars in the sky. Thank you to all the stars who were at Retro and see you in August and this time I will be prepared. 

Happy Days