Self Trust

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Self Trust

Often when we are low, we look at all the things that we have not achieved. This adds to our lack of trust in ourselves. What we need to do is to spend 10 minutes in meditation, looking back over our life and see what we have achieved.

What have I achieved?

For me my top ten things are;

  • Passing my driving test after four attempts!
  • Raising 3 Fine Young Men who I am extremely proud of
  • Achieving my Diploma in Counselling
  • Volunteering as a Counsellor at No 5 and helping young people to move on with their lives
  • Setting up the Smoking Cessation service in Berkshire, which helped hundreds of people stop smoking
  • Gaining my Certificate in Health Promotion which was one of the most challenging courses I have ever done. It was the change in mindset, which challenged me the most.
  • Building my Soultimes website and blogging
  • Achieving my Certificate in Journalism
  • Working in communities over the last 20 years supporting people to change their lives for the better
  • And last, but not least having a life which I love, where I learn and grow on a daily basis, even when the ‘going gets tough’

This is a great exercise to do and for me it has made me think, ‘so what if I am still overweight, not reached enlightenment and baked bread every day!’. There’s still time to achieve that! Focusing on the positive, helps me to see the good in my life and not dwell on the negative.

So take some time for you today and focus on what you have achieved and congratulate yourself. On this Valentine’s Day love yourself as well as others.

Love and light



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  1. Thank you for the reminder. Be grateful for all you have brought into your life so far, and don’t underestimate all you have achieved.

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