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Solstice A Time to ‘WATCH’

This is my first Blog since coming back from my holiday in Madeira. I have been busily catching up with stuff at weekends and had no time for me. So this weekend I made a conscious effort to Take Time Out and Take Stock. Solstice may have passed but the energy of it remains.

When I first sat down to write , my mind went blank, but then I remembered that was because I was trying to write from the brain not my soul! So back to basics I sat and meditated, let my mind quiet down and become mindful and connected and the words came.

Solstice is a time of action, fertility and focus but it is also a time to reflect on where you are on your journey that you started at the beginning of the year.

Goddess and altar

My year had started with the creation of a Vision board and setting my intentions for the year. When I looked at the vision board, I noticed that I had nothing that represented my health and fitness goals. So I found some images to represent my vision and added them in.

Then I started to think about the events of the last year, that have both shocked and shaken my belief in human kindness to the core. I reflected on how the ‘corporates and the ‘excessively rich’ as well as the rest of mankind, were contributing to the picture and how I in my small way can campaign and live in a way that can, ‘Create Change for the Good”.

What came from the Soul was the word ‘WATCH’ and that is my Mantra for the rest of the year. 


With all the chaos, anger and hatred fuelled by FEAR that is going around it is important for me to:

WATCH my thoughts. I believe  my thoughts create my reality so it is important not to get caught up in  the chaos and believe all that is being broadcast. Social media and the box in the corner of the room can pull me in and before I know it I am being drawn into the negativity that is being projected out. That is not to say that I am not caring about whats happening, but what I am doing is noting it and coming back to the question, ” Can I or will I do anything to help or change this?”. 

ACT responsibly and be mindful of the impact of your actions on others and the planet. For me at the moment, I am really aware of the fact that none of us know when the  time to leave is coming, so every interaction may be the last I have with that person, so make it a good one. Who wants to lose someone and be wishing they had not said this or that, NOT ME! 

TRUST that everything will work out for the Higher good of all. Sometimes in this world we need chaos to awaken people and start to look at the what’s happening around them and take action.

CHOOSE CONSCIOUSNESS. Practicing  mindfulness every day actively connects me to my conscious brain and the rubbish that fill it so that I can connect to be back in the moment. Meditation brings the unconscious into the present, my true state of being is there and in my face, I know if I am letting the past affect the now, or trying to project into the future.

HELP to make a difference where I can. It is hard when I can see so much pain and suffering around the world to know what to do. I give to KIVA every month, they support people by giving loans to help people to help themselves. We can all make a difference to people’s lives in small and big ways. Have you ever been having a really bad day and something so small as someone making a cup of tea or taking the time to listen has made your day. 

Creating change for good is not something that we can achieve just for others, it is also something that we can strive for in ourselves. When I was training to be a Healer I remember being told that for every hour you gave to others you need to give back yourself that hour too. Self awareness is key to bringing about change so that when you do something, ‘you know it is from the HEART not the EGO‘.

Love and Light


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