Welcome to my page that will help to feed your spiritual self. People often ask me how do I connect to spirit or source so here is how I connect.

How to connect to Source

  1. Sit with your back straight feet on the ground and hands in your lap
  2. See a ball of light in the centre of the earth and bring column of light up through the layers till it is under your feet
  3. Pull the light through your body and see roots of light coming out of feet deep into the earth so that you are grounded.
  4. Connect the light out of the top of your head to the brightest star or Venus so you are connected with source. See yourself surrounded in a bubble of light. You can pick a colour for the bubble if you feel you need one. You are now protected and connected.

From here you can go anywhere you want in a meditation or if you like to use divination cards you can ask the cards to show you the message.

How to close down?

  1. When you want to close down see the light coming away from the star and back through your crown chakra.
  2. See the light go down through the chakra’s and gently close them.
  3. See the light go down into Mother earth.
  4. See a band of light go from under your left foot go over your head and under your right foot.
  5. See yourself in a ball of light of protection.