Soul Time

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Connecting to the Soul

See your soul as a Rose. A Rose does not go from bud to full bloom. It slowly opens each petal until the whole flower is revealed. The more you connect to your Soul the more it will open up petal by petal.

Often people say to me, ” What am I here to do? How do I know what is my life purpose?”. It will unfold as I can testify, it is not always obvious and when you begin the journey of discovery the place you think you are heading is not always the destination, but that adds to the adventure. 

Open your Heart

In my experience the more time you take to connect and open your heart and trust that the next step will appear. You just have to sit, be still and make sure you are listening to your intuition. You may use meditation, prayer, inspirational cards or meet with someone to help guide you. Commit to knowing yourself more deeply and putting aside time to connect to your soul. You will never find the answers you seek if you are rushing around going from one task to the other. If you would like to know how to start connecting with your soul take a look at Connecting to Source

Seek and you will find 

If you commit to living a soulful life with purpose then the universe will show you the direction you need to take. Notice what books you are feeling drawn to, conversations that interest you and places you suddenly want to visit. Your heart longs to take you to a place of peace and support you on your life path all you have to do is to commit to listening. 

The path will not aways be easy and there are always lessons to learn along the way. As you learn the lessons and learn to love yourself and others unconditionally, life becomes easier to navigate.