Spring blossom

Spring is here!

WELCOME TO SPRING. I am a little late this week getting my blog up, as I have been moving my website. I went on a social media course the other week and found out that I didn’t own my content on wordpress.com, so I have moved my site to 1&1. Been more challenging than I thought! At one point I was going to give up, but I persevered. I remembered that it is always like this when I have something new to learn and that I needed to ask for help. 

Help came from the fabulous Ben on WordPress, who tirelessly answered my questions and helped me to get my Domain and hosting in the same place. Hooray and BIG THANK YOU TO BEN!. So the site might be looking a bit out of alignment, there are a few bits and pieces that I have to sort but that will come. I am learning to leave it be and do the important things, which this week is to write this BLOG.

So now back to the subject of the Spring Equinox. Apparently because of the Super Moon Spring was early this year. Spring is a time to awaken out of your Winter slumber, shake off the cobwebs, let in the light and ‘Prepare For Action’. Spring is the time to clear the decks of the old and get ready to embrace the new.

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Spring Equinox

I love to clear out my ‘Physical Space’ at this time of the year. I will go through my wardrobes and cupboards and get rid of anything that I have not used, or worn in the last year. Except of course for those precious items I swear ‘I will shrink into’ or ‘get time to do’. But generally I am pretty realistic about what is the reality and what is wishful thinking.

Time also to think about my ‘Intentions’ that I set at the beginning of the year and reflect on how that is going. Well they were to;

  • to connect with the seasons and get back in touch with my Celtic Wheel of Life
  • to read just for the fun of it
  • to get more creative and widen my writing repertoire
  • to get outdoors and discover the hidden gems of our Royal county
  • to spend more time with Chris, the family and friends doing interesting things
  • to find a way of eating that makes me feel healthy from the inside and helps me to transform the outside
  • to find creative ways to fit in re exercise into my daily routine 
  • and finally to step away from social media and TV and use the time to do all of the above……

And yes all of them are going along nicely. The only one that needs more attention is ‘Reading’, that has slipped a bit but I have some time off in Palma in April so will take a book and have a ‘BIG READ’. I also need to remember about Audible books which are a great way to read books while I am driving to work. Definitely getting creative with my time. So what intentions did you set for the year and how are they going for you?

My website too will be getting a ‘Spring Clean’ and a ‘Refresh’ as I learn more about how to update it and I am able to add more ‘Widgets’ , get me sounding like a ‘Techie’, I wish!!

Creating this website has been an interesting process. It has helped me to connect with my ‘Creativity’ , which I thought was all about Art and as I am probably the only member of my family who is not great at drawing. I know everyone can draw and I can,  but whether you will be able to recognise what I draw is another thing! ‘WORDS ARE MY THING’.

So my lovelies embrace the energy of Spring. Clear out the old and start to think about what you would like to ‘Bring into the Light’, as we embrace the warmth and lighter nights.

Love and Light



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