Stone henge the home of the Celts

The Wheel of the Year

The Celtic Wheel of Life is celebrated at eight solar points of the year. These points have been celebrated by our ancestors and here I invite you to connect and find your own way to celebrate the passing seasons.

As each point arrives in the year, I will give you a flavour of the festival and what it invokes in our mind, body and soul. There will be a meditation for you to practice and some ideas of how to celebrate this in our modern times.


The Wheel of the Year 

Winter Solstice – 21st December

Imbolc- End of January beginning of February

Spring Equinox – 20th to 23rd March

Beltain – End of April – beginning of May

Summer Solstice – 21st June

Lammas – End of July – beginning of Augus

Autumn Equinox – 20th – 23rd September

Samhain – End of October – beginning of November

So join me and celebrate the ‘Wheel of the Year’