The Celtic Wheel

The Celtic Wheel of Life is celebrated at eight solar points of the year. These points have been celebrated by our ancestors and here I invite you to connect and find your own way to celebrate the passing seasons.

As each point arrives in the year, I will give you a flavour of the festival and what it invokes in our mind, body and soul. There will be a meditation for you to practice and some ideas of how to celebrate this in our modern times.


The Wheel of the Year 

Winter Solstice – 21st December

Imbolc- End of January beginning of February

Spring Equinox – 20th to 23rd March

Beltain – End of April – beginning of May

Summer Solstice – 21st June

Lammas – End of July – beginning of August

Autumn Equinox – 20th – 23rd September

Samhain – End of October – beginning of November

So join me and celebrate the ‘Wheel of the Year’