The Insight Timer – Meditation Made Easy

Is Christmas getting all a bit too much? Are you feeling stressed and needing some time for you! Well download ‘Insight Timer’, find a quiet place away from the madness and take some time out. Decide how much time you have choose a meditation and go to that quiet, still, place and breathe.

I discovered Insight Timer App a few months ago. I had just completed Oprah and Deepak’s free 21 day meditation course and wanted to find some new music and meditations to inspire me. I found hundreds to choose from on Insight and some great new teachers.

What is the benefit to you of the Insight Timer?

Insight Timer is completely free and is home to more than 3,200,000 meditators. It is rated as the top free meditation app on Android and IOS stores. I love it! You have access to hundreds of meditations, music tracks, talks and courses by teachers of Mindfulness, Meditation and Spiritual Practices from all over the world. 

What is wonderful for me is the fact that whether I have 5 minutes or an hour for myself, I can always find something to take my fancy. When I am travelling, I can put on my headphones and listen to an inspirational talk from some of the greatest spiritual teachers. I have built myself a library of my favourite contributers and am notified when they have uploaded a new meditation.

The only thing I find a bit odd, and this is just me is people sending me little notes saying thank you for meditating with me, but you may love connecting with people. No judgement here, each to their own.

What is great for me is the meditation log. It’s the equivalent of Fitbit for meditation. It logs how long you have meditated for and the number of days. I really like that and get great satisfaction from seeing my progress.

So if you one of your intentions for the New Year is to practice meditation then this might be a great place to start. Let me know what you think about it.

Merry Christmas


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