The Joyous Body

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The Joyous Body

One of my pleasures in life is to settle down in a comfy chair or nestle in bed with a good book. Unfortunately I get little time to do that, so I have started to listen to books instead. I am learning to create space for me in my busy life and one of the ways I have done that is to join Audible. My journey to work has become ‘me time’ rather than a dull commute. 

This week I have been listening to the beautiful and mystical tones of Clarissa Pinkola Estes delivering ‘The Joyous Body session, in which Clarissa speaks to the ‘Wise Woman’ within us all. 

According to Clarissa Pinkola Estes ‘there is SO much to be said that will set us right with our bodies, that is, the beautiful wild and wise Consort who came to earth with us, who has endured much, and is one of the most misunderstood aspects of divinity, creativity and soul that we carry… and also who carries us in all tenderness and loyalty even when ill, even when hurt and healing, and also when radiant.’

Listening to her poignant , healing words  reminded me that although youth has passed, there are saggy bits where once they were firm and menopause has laid down some extra fat layers, it is still a precious body that serves me well. I have loved to hear the myths and legends of the ‘Wise Woman’, which have resonated at a deep level. In many circles the oral tradition of story, passed from woman to woman has disappeared. I wonder if this was revived, would our young women have a better image of themselves and not buy into this culture of needing to fit to the images that are portrayed in the media. Time to celebrate our uniqueness and connect with the Goddess within.


Most have forgotten
Mother Moon
is the Scar Queen

Her bright lunar highlands
and her dark and deep marias
— Latin meaning “the seas”…
make up the dark marks
on the blessed body
of Mother Moon…

Her scars we, since ancient times,
try to read,
make stories about,
such as man in the…
and rabbit in the…
and babies in the…Moon

Yet looking through lens
of tele-scope, close up…
we see her many long scars
the gouges and slashes,
the lacerations and pits
another true story altogether.

These are her scars left
from standing up to
impacts of huge rubble
rock and ice bodies
hurtling through space;
meteoroids, asteroids, comets.

Yet, Mother Moon
was not and is not arrested
in the least
by a constant

Some of her scars–
are 1,500 miles across
both belly and face,
back and chest–

And after
those harsh collisions,
those impact basins
flood with lava.

It is the dark lava
that flowed afire
into the scars
that created what we
little ones on plant Earth
call ‘seas’
but the marias are really
seas of scars.

Observe thyself
in moonlight, woman,
… even thy roseate
and silvery scars
match those of Mother Moon.

Walk as she does, then,
head and belly
back and chest
ever filled with light…
knowing scar tissue
is stronger than thy skin…

and despite injuries
the massive reflection
and huge glow
we carry, continues,
made by a Force Greater,
One that is ever lit. Ever.
As are thee.
As are thee.

So may it be for thee.
So may it be for me.
So may it be for us all.


Excerpt from ‘Scar Queen’ poem by Dr. C.P.. Estés