The Scales are calling!!


This week I have ‘banished the scales forever ‘to a dusty place at the back of the sink, only to come out to weigh the suitcase or Chris!  The only time I have consciously banned the scales is when I am going on holiday or Christmas. ” Right I am going to have what I like when I like, its a treat! ” Then I return from holiday or Christmas is over and I hide from the scales for a week , until I feel like I have been good for a week or two and it won’t be too much of a shock when I jump on them!

So I am not on a holiday binge, but I have gone back to full fat foods and eating what I like but avoiding sugar, mainly because  I feel like crap after the rush has gone. So I am eating mindfully, which is an eye opener in itself but I will talk to you about that on Sunday but for now back to the story of the scales…..

So in the middle of the night on Thursday I awoke to the sound of the scales calling …. dun dun dun… Well maybe a bit over dramatic but I did wake at 3am with the thought ‘ I have ‘been good’ ( note the good creeping in again) and I feel like I have lost weight, I wonder…. mmm… Yes there it was!! Measuring myself by a scale not how I feel. Well  I had a bit of a chat to myself and stayed in bed and off the scales.

Would it have been such a bad thing to have weighed myself? 

If I had stepped on those scales there would be two things at play

  • If I hadn’t lost weight my next day would have been marred by ” Oh I’ve been good and have lost NOTHING!!!” And am I likely to buy chocolate, knowing me ” YES”. If I had lost I would have thought ” Oh thats working I can have a biscuit”.
  • I would have fallen back into the ‘I’m Good’ or ‘I’m bad’ with food rather than what I am advocating this week , which is all food is good, loving my food and eating food which makes me feel good.

So my challenge to you this week is to , ‘DITCH THE SCALES’ and just be mindful of your reaction to it. The key to this is to be kind to yourself, smile when you notice the voices and stay open to changing how you see food.







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  1. The best thing I did when I was at slimming world was ditch my scales but unlike you I could not hide them in the house as I knew I would still use them so I threw them in the bin. It actually worked I did lose every week and it felt great. Until I went to therapy and I ballooned. Good luck and your doing well

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