Vision board

Vision Board Time

So you have set your intentions for 2018, now it is time to create a Vision Board

What is a Vision Board?

Vision boardA vision board is a board that contains images or words that represent your vision of what you want to achieve for the year. For example if you want to move house next year you might find a picture of the house that you would like to move to. If you want to find love then you might add something that symbolizes that or you could put up a picture of the man of your dreams. Just not George Clooney he is taken.

This then says to the universe this is what I want to bring into my life and gives you a focus. The trick here is not to get bogged down in the how its going to happen, but watch for the signs that appear and take action. But be careful what you wish for?

Last year I had lots of pictures of places I would like to travel to on my board, in fact it took up a quarter of the board. The universe sent that thick and fast, by the end of June I had been to Madeira twice and Palma twice and had to rethink and adjust the board as I was travelled out.

What do you need to start?

You will need;

  • To have set aside a couple of hours with yourself where you wont be disturbed
  • A board to put your images on
  • Magazines, postcards, quotes anything that you don’t mind cutting up
  • Pritt stick, sellotape, coloured pens

The Process

So start by looking through the magazines and images and picking out what images appeal to you. At this point don’t try to make them fit your goals let your heart lead you.

Next you start layout the images on the board. Take your time with this and let your feelings guide you. You might find at this point that some images don’t sit right with you, so you will discard them, or you might feel that there is something missing. Let your feelings and heart lead you.

When you are happy with the layout you can stick them down allow them to dry and then put it up in a place where you can see it every day. Then just watch, wait and seize the opportunities as they appear and make the space for it.

Love and Light


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