Weird Winter Solstice

According to the Daily Mail, this is going to be an ‘awful’ Winter Solstice as there is some cosmic alignment along with Mercury in Retrograde, which is going to make it awful. Who knows after all it is the Daily Mail!

For me it is just going to be a weird Winter Solstice. Normally I am in full swing, preparing for Christmas, baking Mince pies, wrapping pressies, filling stockings and going over the endless lists to make sure I have everything. I would be looking forward to spending quality time with family and friends, eating and drinking too much and recovering. I would be snuggling up and starting to think about my intentions for the New Year.

But not this year, I am in Lanzarote till New Years Eve so have lots of time to myself in 18 to 21 degrees, just warm enough to warm the cockles, but not cold enough to feel Christmassy. When we were getting ready to come out here I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and that I was missing out on the family,friends and festivities. It was also hard to be leaving our two kittens Elsa and Bertie and the Layabout Leo. If I didn’t know that he was nearly 11 years old I would think he is some grumpy teenager, even more so since the arrival of the kittens.

The day before we left I had the right hump! Trying to fit everything in and not wanting to miss everything, who is the grumpy teenager now! That soon disappeared, as I stepped off the plane on Sunday night peeling off the layers as the heat seeped into my bones. I am not sure whether it is because I am a summer baby that I miss the sun so much in the dead of Winter. Anyway a couple of hours on a Sunbed, food on tap and no washing up is clearing the Yuletide blues quite quickly.

I had decided before I came that I was going to see this as a retreat and put some positive changes in place while I am away. My gorgeous daughter in laws had bought me some fabulous things to pamper myself with, so that’s a good start.

As food is on tap and there are lots of healthy food to choose from I have been eating healthily and mindfully. is a better time than now to test out Mindful eating when I have nothing else to think aboutbut me. Loving the pool which I am making the most of and with the sea on my doorstep. People are looking at me as if I am mad doing my 20 laps up and down the pool. I love the fact that I have the time to swim and walk instead of trying to fit it all in with work. So apart from the alcohol, which to be fair I am not able to partake in too much due to the menopause, which seems to have stopped my binge drinking days.

I have my books to read one of which is ‘The Million Dollar Blog’ which will help me to be more creative and hone my blogging skills. It feels so decadent to have all of this time to myself but I am savouring every delicious moment.

So going to be weird to be celebrating Solstice in the sunshine and to be making some very different choices to celebrate Christmas. It is only day two so who knows if the resolve will stay but I think it will as i have put in the work before I came. I will keep you posted. happy Solstice to you.

Blessed be 


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