Time For You

Welcome to Time For You 

I can already hear you with the ‘yes buts there is loads I need to do and people who depend on me’.

Now take a moment to imagine what is going to happen to your wellbeing if you never take time for you? It will manifest as stress, ill health and poor mental health. A wise healer once told me that for every hour you give of service to another you need an hour back for you. I struggle to keep that up too but I have built time into my daily routine for myself and I really notice if I don’t. 

So now close your eyes and let your mind wander to all those things that you love to do to look after yourself and ask yourself, ” When did I last take time for me? If I did take time for me what would I like to do?’

Finding the Time 

I am not asking you you to start by shutting yourself away for hours at a time. Just think about how you can take time in the day for you. This website content has been created by taking time in the shower to dream and spending 5 minutes here and there scribbling ideas down. Giving myself time and space to meditate and spend my time mindfully has helped me to remember my love of writing. Soul times has become my creative space.

So lets begin!

So now just give yourself ten minutes right now.  Find a comfortable seat and just let your mind wander to a place of peace and tranquility. Focus your mind on the things that relax and rejuvenate you. What do you love to do to connect to your creative self? When was the last time you were in nature and can you make a date with yourself to get out in nature.

Now find yourself a notebook and write down your ideas. Pick one thing and make a date and time when you will do this? 

Congratulate yourself, you have taken the first step on the road to recovering your SELF.


Love and Light