Winter Solstice

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Winter Solstice

I always look forward to celebrating Winter Solstice. This is the shortest day and the longest night and is the time when we see the light start to return to the earth. Take a couple of hours out of the business of Christmas, on the Solstice to take time to reflect before all the festivities take over.

This festival is part of the Celtic Wheel of Lifewhich celebrates the cycles of life and the year. It connects you with the seasons and the energy that they bring. For me the Winter Solstice is about being reborn, as we head to the New Year. Each year we grow and learn and this is the time to reflect on what you have achieved, what you would like to let go and what you would like to bring to life in the New Year.

The Winter Solstice is the time to perform a ‘Fire Ceremony’. This is a great excuse to get outdoors with friends and build a fire. As the fire builds take time to reflect on what you want to ‘let go of’ and leave behind in this year, write it on paper or you can each pick a twig and blow into the twin the energy of what you wish to let go of.Then throw the  twigs or paper into the fire and I watch as they became ash. Within the fire images appeared.

Time for Reflection 

Then take some time to reflect on what you want to bring into the New Year. It is good to visualise what you would like your life to be like and bring it to life. Really let your imagination run away and feel what it will be like to have all that you want. This can also bring up the things that you feel less comfortable about having. If a block appears let it rise to the surface and see where that comes from in your past. Just notice it and say to yourself, ‘ that no longer serves me and now I can be in the moment and have what I want’.

Then you can spend some time with your friends chatting, drinking mulled wine and eating festive food.